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Laura J. Mixon

photo credit: Steven Gould

Laura J. Mixon is a chemical and environmental engineer better known as a science fiction writer. She writes about the impact of technology and environmental changes on personal identity and social structures. Her work has been associated with the cyberpunk movement, and has been the focus of academic studies on the intersection of technology, feminism, and gender.

She has also experimented with game design and interactive storytelling, most notably in collaboration with renowned game designer Chris Crawford, with whom she co-founded Storytron. In the 1980s, she served in the Peace Corps in East Africa. She is married to SF writer Steven Gould (“Jumper”).

Her first five novels came out under Laura J. Mixon. Subsequent works, including Up Against It, the first novel in her science fiction series Wave, appear under her pseudonym, M. J. Locke. She blogs about fiction-related subjects at FeralSapient.com as Morgan J. Locke.