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 As Laura J. Mixon



  • Burning the Ice (Avatars Dance, Book 3) (Tor Books hc, Aug 2002)
  • Proxies (Avatars Dance, Book 2) (Tor Books hc, Sep 1998; pb Oct 1999).
  • Glass Houses (Avatars Dance, Book 1) (Analog Magazine, Dec 1991; Tor Books pb, May 1992).


  • Greenwar, in collaboration with Steven Gould (Forge Books hc, Jun 1997; Tor Books pb, Nov 1998).
  • Astropilots (USA: OMNI/Scholastic pb, Jun 1987; UK: Dragon Books pb, 1987; Japan: Hayakawa Books pb, 1989).

Short fiction

  • “At Tide’s Turning” (Asimov’s, April 2001; Worldmakers, ed. Gardner Dozois, St. Martin’s Press, Dec 2001).
  • “A Dose of Reality” (Wild Cards XIV, Baen Books pb; Mar 1994).
  • “The Lamia’s Tale” (Wild Cards XIII, Baen Books pb; Mar 1993).


  • “Writing on the Edges: The Science in Science Fiction” (The SFWA Bulletin, Jun 1999).
  • “A Pilgrim’s Progress: My Experiments with a New Interactive Storytelling Technology” (The SFWA Bulletin, May 1997).

As M. J. Locke



  • Up Against It (Wave, Book 1) (Tor Books hc, Mar 2011; Tor Books pb, Jan 2012)

Short fiction

  • “True North” (Welcome to the Greenhouse, ed. Gordon van Gelder, O/R Books, 2011; After the End, ed. Paula Guran, Prime Books, 2013).