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Avatars Dance:

My Feminist Cyberpunk Trilogy, Back in Print

Cybernetic proxy-jocks! Space stations and gas giants! Women—queers—people on the margins—build tech, steal starships, drive mechs!

Readers can now buy copies of my feminist cyberpunk trilogy. Glass Houses, Proxies, and Burning the Ice—Books I-III of AVATARS DANCEare out in electronic and audiobook formats. These exciting stories, peopled with diverse characters, are mystery-thrillers set in a high-tech, broken-down, climate-altered future.

Links and descriptions follow. An omnibus edition of all three books is available at a deep discount, for $9.99.


Avatars Dance (Omnibus edition: all three books)

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AvatarsDance2In the 22nd century, the world is beset by savage storms, unbearable heat, rising oceans, and environmental devastation as climate change inexorably overwhelms humanity’s ability to adapt. Sophisticated robotics and other technology have enabled some people—those with the means—to avoid the worst impacts.

Three women living in the margins coopt that technology to adapt and survive. An impoverished waldo-jock attempts a good deed that gets her into trouble with the law and the wealthy elite—a brilliant scientist whose world-altering technology was stolen by a major corporation is hunted by a secret group trying to steal a starship—a clone socially isolated from her peers in a struggling off-world settlement makes a huge discovery deep beneath the icy moon’s ocean. They each find their place and leave their mark on the world, in unique and surprising ways.


Glass Houses

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AD1Ruby Kubick runs her own waldo business from her living room. She bean-jacks into her big machines to roam the dirty, heat-drenched, water-soaked streets of New York City and look for work. Construction, security, no job too big or too small. But when she tries and fails to save a wealthy Egyptian in a collapsing skyscraper during a hurricane, she attracts unwanted attention. You want justice on tomorrow’s mean streets; it’s going to cost you. Particularly if you’re guilty.

The 1992 feminist cyberpunk classic is back in print with an introduction by two-time Arthur C. Clarke Award winner Pat Cadigan and an afterword by Lydia LeBlanc on genre and gender in cyberpunk fiction.

“One of the strongest debuts I’ve read in ages. READ THIS BOOK. And watch Laura Mixon. She’s going to be one of the stars.”

–George R.R. Martin



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AD2The new millennium has been born in fire. Warring factions strive for supremacy. And a secret cadre has unleashed a powerful new weapon—proxies: remotely operated humanoid bodies—to seize control of humanity’s first mission to the stars.

Can Carli D’Auber, the scientist whose instantaneous communication tech made it possible, avoid capture and stop them in time?

“Proxies is as fast and wicked as cyberpunk, but it has characters who are more than fashion statements and outlaws. This one will keep you up reading past your bedtime.” —Maureen McHugh, author of China Mountain Zhang


Burning the Ice

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AD3Over a century after the starship Exodus left Earth, their cloned descendants have settled on an icy moon of a gas giant and must work together to survive in extremely harsh conditions. Isolated and traumatized when her clone twin died at birth, Manda isn’t cut out to get along well with others, and makes herself and everyone around her miserable.

But her self-imposed semi-exile leads her to make a world-shattering discovery that will change everything—if she can get out with the news alive. For it turns out there are political plots and counter-plots tracing back to Earth itself—and outward to the stars.

“In the midst of what is quite a ride, Mixon places vital and intense characters. Splendidly realized.”   —Booklist (starred review)

“Tense, complex, and spellbinding.”   —Kirkus (starred review)



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My Feminist Cyberpunk Trilogy, Back in Print

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