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Stross sounds off about Steampunk

Charlie Stross has a long essay posted on The hard edge of empire – Charlie’s Diary. He raises some of the problematic issues he feels the burgeoning Steampunk fad is skirting, and otherwise waxes a bit ranty about what he sees as recent over-exposure.

“It’s not that I actively dislike steampunk, and indeed I have fond memories of the likes of K. W. Jeter’s “Infernal Devices”, Tim Powers’ “The Anubis Gates”, the works of James Blaylock, and other features of the 1980s steampunk scene. I don’t have that much to say against the aesthetic and costumery other than, gosh, that must be rather hot and hard to perambulate in. (I will confess to being a big fan of Phil and Kaja Foglio’s Girl Genius.) It’s just that there’s too damn much of it about right now, and furthermore, it’s in danger of vanishing up its own arse due to second artist effect.”

Worth a read if for no other reason than it’s part of the ongoing SFnal conversation.

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